be inspired
Our blog has relocated on the internet to and refined its focus to better serve our service team and community. is now designed as a village of moms, dads, and supporting professionals who share expertise, experience, support and encouragement in the vital role of inspiring potential in children.

Who is this blog for?  

If you are a mom, a dad, or a professional that supports a mom or a dad, this blog is probably for you.  If you care about a child that has moments (or prolonged seasons) of stuckness, lagginess, explosiveness, disruptiveness, disasterness, challengeness… or any other kind of crisis, this blog is probably for you.

We're here to deliver world-class thinking, real-world experience, supportive relationships, and timely encouragement for one person just like you.  We believe that every child has unlimited potential just like you.

So dive in!  Read, reflect, write, and participate.  You are not alone.  Let the Relationship Inspired village help you inspire your child's potential!